Labor Support Services & Rates

Gwen is taking a break from attending births in 2020 and 2021.

What can a labor support doula offer my family?Kayla Gonzales 31

Labor support doulas offer continuous care to a laboring person and their support team. The doula is typically the only professional to provide this level of support as midwives, doctors, and nurses will often come and go as needed and there may be shift changes, location and care transfers, etc. As your doula, I am on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will show up to your home or birth location when you decide that you want me there. I will provide support to your family regardless of the stage of labor that you are in. I will stay for some time after the baby is born to help with your chosen feeding method and after care needs.

When I arrive to your labor location, I bring supplies, ideas, and energy to support the birth process. I can offer a variety of physical support methods and tools, including position ideas, acupressure and massage ideas, relaxation approaches, rebozo techniques, and a TENS unit for labor. I would be happy to discuss specific ideas or needs that you have or anticipate having during labor. My birth philosophy is that every childbearing person has the right to shape their birth experience. I believe that the environment that most likely results in healthy outcomes is one that honors and nurtures the laboring person and their needs and wishes. The labor support team should be confident, encouraging, understanding, and caring so that they can focus completely on their journey.

As your doula, I not only support the laboring person but also your partner(s), older children, family and other members of the support team. I honor the important role that the birth partner plays in the laboring process. My role as your doula is to support the team so that everyone can participate the way that you plan for them to. Sometimes, this includes allowing your partner(s) to sleep and eat, being a reassuring and emotionally supportive presence for your partner, and offering ideas for physically and emotionally supporting you. 

What can I expect from you?

Here is a succinct list of what you can expect when you hire me as your doula:

Is there anything that you don't do?

What is your Rate?

My rate to be your labor support doula is $1600

This rate includes all prenatal and postpartum visits as well as my presence throughout your labor and any support that you need during your perinatal weeks. Additional postpartum care is available at my postpartum rate. I ask that you pay half of my fee when you hire me, to reserve my time, and the other half after your birth. I believe that everyone needs support when they are bringing a new life into the world and I strive to assist underserved communities when I can. Please inquire about sliding scale opportunities if you're experiencing economic hardship. Gift certificates are available and giving the gift of doula support is an amazing way to positively impact the birth experience of your loved one!


Gwen will be taking a break from attending births in 2020. She will return to birth work in 2021.