Gwen was a critical support during our early and difficult days of child care with a second baby. Gwen demonstrated superior communication skills as both a listener and as a sensitive purveyor of her wealth of knowledge in baby care. She showed genuine and loving concern for [our daughter], checking in via telephone or email on the days that she was not with us. Gwen's infectious good cheer helped our 3-year-old son greatly in his tempestuous transition to becoming a big brother. We found her to attentive and helpful and recommend her without reservation.Karen

"Gwen was such a key part of my birth.  She was incredibly perceptive and spot on in observing my response to each contraction, and she gave me solid support and directions that were clear at a time when my mind was elsewhere and my body was going through the most intense pain of my life.  She helped me to have a natural birth with no medication, and without her, I honestly don't think I would have made it all the way through without painkillers.  She helped me to keep at it, and I'm just SO glad she was on my team.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Gwen to anyone (whether or not they want a natural birth without painkillers), because she was such a phenomenal, supportive part of my experience." ~ Alice

Gwen was able to find a balance between the support of my children & me to help us in just the right way each visit.Stacey

Gwen identified our baby's sensitivity to dairy products that mom consumed. Generally, she was very sensitive to our needs and those of our baby and helped us to identify issues and develop coping strategies in a non-stressful way. The milk and dairy sensitivity was a huge relief; our baby slept better and the breastfeeding was significantly easier this time around. She was also very flexible and took care of our 3.5-year-old son, who just loves Gwen.Matthew

"Gwen was instrumental in making our transition home with our bundle and our first week back from the hospital an amazing experience! Our baby came a few weeks early & we did not have things ready. Gwen came to the hospital under very late notice to collect my placenta in order to encapsulate it. She not only did this, but made beautiful prints out of my placenta. Our baby had jaundice and my water broke before labor started, so we were in the hospital 3 days. She returned to the hospital to give me the pills and gave me support and lactation advice. She then set out to get things in order around our apartment; diaper station setup, our baby's clothing put away, pumping station arranged, bottles sterilized etc. She also took care of household chores like dishes, laundry etc. and helped us do a lot of firsts with confidence. She intuitively knew what I would need as a new mom - lots of rest/self-care - and made sure I got it." ~ Gülay

"Gwen was immediately everything I could have hoped for: kind, intuitive, and loving.  I was able to express my confidence and readiness about the birth to her and she, with no judgment whatsoever encouraged me, and made me feel like regardless of what happened that she would BE there.  And that she was. Gwen didn't just give [my partner] breaks.  She knew EXACTLY what to say, responded to my every need, including need for space. It brings tears to my eyes to think of her contribution to my family." ~ Julia

"The most valuable aspect of Gwen's support was her calming presence. She is friendly, showing goodwill and willingness to help without being socially demanding. She was knowledgeable and experienced with thrush issues and researched what she couldn't answer on the spot.Eve“Gwen provided tons of help and education on newborn care, typical newborn behavior, what to expect, breastfeeding tips, and strategies, etc. The education was invaluable. She was very loving & nurturing with my daughter from the beginning." ~Eleanor

Superhuman baby calming powers and mad cooking skills!John

"Gwen is a talented, knowledgeable doula that provides non-judgmental expertise to help with the new parent transition. My husband and I were first-time parents of twins and, after a challenging delivery put me on unexpected bed rest for a few weeks, we were in need of more help than anticipated. Gwen was available, flexible, and very helpful during these times. Her love of babies is as obvious as her skill in caring for them. Additionally, she helped both my husband and I feel like better parents, helping us learn (and SLEEP!) during those first months. Thank you, Gwen!" ~ Kate